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Fast Food Equipment Manufacturers in India

Fast food equipment manutacturers, wholesaler & supplier in India is SS Kitchen Craft. The fast food equipment manufacturer sector depends heavily on equipment for the effective preparation, cooking, and serving of a wide variety of menu items. To fulfill the demands of busy fast food equipment manufacturer outlets, these specialized tools and machinery are made to handle large volumes of food rapidly and consistently.

Pizza Oven

A specialized piece of equipment made just for baking pizzas is a pizza oven. It is an essential piece of equipment at pizzerias and eateries that offer pizza, and it is essential to achieving the ideal harmony of a crispy crust, melting cheese, and tasty toppings.

Typically, the cooking surface of a pizza oven is constructed of stone, ceramic, or refractory material. This surface holds onto heat and disperses it uniformly across the pizza, giving the crust a crisp texture.


A toaster is a common kitchen appliance that plays a crucial role in preparing one of the most beloved breakfast items worldwide: toast. It is a simple yet highly efficient device designed to turn slices of bread into golden-brown, crispy delights.

Toasters operate on a straightforward but efficient theory. Each one or more of their vertical slots may accommodate one or two pieces of bread. Electric heating components are located inside these slots and are commonly formed of Nichrome wire, which warms up when power passes through it. The toaster lowers the bread into the slots and turns on the heating elements when you depress the lever.

Idli Steamer

An idli steamer, also known as an idli cooker or idli pot, is a specialized kitchen appliance used primarily in South Indian cuisine to prepare a popular and traditional dish called "idli." Idli is a soft, fluffy, and nutritious rice cake that is a staple breakfast item in many parts of India and has gained popularity worldwide due to its simplicity and healthy attributes.

The cylindrical container has a tight-fitting cover and is often constructed of stainless steel or aluminum. It is used to cook food.

Sandwich Griller

A sandwich griller, sometimes referred to as a panini press or sandwich press, is a multipurpose kitchen appliance frequently seen at eateries, cafes, and even in homes. It is essential to making wonderful toasted sandwiches, paninis, and other hot pressed foods.

Two hinged plates or grilling surfaces, typically constructed of cast iron or metal that has been coated with non-stick, make up a basic sandwich griller. The plates frequently have ridges or grooves that help distribute heat evenly while also creating grill markings on the sandwiches.

Baking Oven

A baking oven is a multipurpose and essential piece of kitchen equipment used in both commercial bakeries and household kitchens for a variety of baking operations. These ovens have been created specifically to bake, roast, and cook different kinds of bread, pastries, cakes, cookies, and other baked items.

The majority of bake ovens in homes are of this sort. To distribute heat evenly, they have heating components at the top and bottom. Traditional ovens are adaptable and useful for a variety of baking operations.

Fast food equipment manufacturer must be reliable, simple to maintain, and effective because it is essential to providing customers with the speedy service they want from these establishments. With the development of energy-efficient appliances, automated cooking systems, and smart kitchen management solutions to further increase the efficiency and sustainability of fast food equipment manufacturer operations, technological advancements also continue to drive innovation in this sector.